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The Dream of Mine
I can feel you like a sunshine
And blink blink on my mind
You have awaken me
To reach my new hope again
Your smiles shining up my life
And bring me up from my imagination
Your eyes gave me gladness
And you offer me your love
Please wait for me, coz I'll be there
Please wait for me, I'm not dissapear
I wont leaving, I'll never do it on you
Coz you are the dream of mine
And I'm sure that you are the dream of mine
:iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 6 20
Love Is..
Someone said, love is a lie
I know what it means, I can feel it
It must be that 'someone' got hurt because of love..
Someone said, love is a gift
Ah yes, I can feel it too
It means, love has made 'someone' feels so happy at the time..
Hm.. I wonder, what exactly a 'love' is?
For me,
Love is a gift, but it holds lie on the other hand
Love means happy, but pain never hide
Love is real, but also an illusion
Love not only can makes me laugh and cry,
but love also compiles my halcyon and afraid at the same time..
Love can makes me happy
when it smiles, says hello, and hugs me tightly..
But love makes me bite my lips hardly and downhearted
when it turns back and step to go away from me..
Love makes me realize about how beautiful my life is
when it asks me joint to laugh together..
And love shows me how dark my life could be
when it ignores my presence..
So, if you think that you are ready for love,
then you should be prepare for the pain too
Because it will comes to you
as a package
:iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 6 7
Loving Someone Is A Gift
Loving someone is a gift
From God for us to believe
That there's something much bigger and deeper
Than our existences
Loving someone is a gift
Because love can teach us
To see and make the love as a personal thing
Between you and me
Loving someone is a gift
Just because love has the grateful and euphoria effects
When you know the one that you loved
Has the same feeling
At last, I wish, loving someone is a gift, still
When my love didn't turn to me back
Because it also teach me to be more tough and patient
So I can be a better person than before
Don't you think that loving someone is a gift too?
:iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 4 27
I'm gonna let this feeling go and fly
As free as a bird in the blue morning sky
So I don't have to see
Or even think about it anymore
Already get tired
And I'm done with it!
I wrote  this spell for you
To get lost, right away, and go far far away
Well, this is the last time
For me being so strange, so weird, or even so rude
I promise!
This time, I take it back
And try to give it to someone else out there
Someone, who's still waiting and maybe deserve it
Much more than you do
Last thing to say is
"Thank you, for gave me the chance to remember
How sweet it is to be fall in love again
And thank you, for let me felt that feeling.."
:iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 3 8
Revulsion by ulieazhar Revulsion :iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 4 21
No Title
Sometimes, I think that run is the best way
To stay away from my suffer
Sometimes, I really want to forget
All of my hope and wishes
But I get stuck!
In the middle of nowhere
I can only see that time has stop itself for me
Sometimes, I feel like wanna let them free
All of my love, hope, and wish
Just because I get tired already
For being his mannequin
:iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 1 4
Life Begin At 30 by ulieazhar Life Begin At 30 :iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 1 2
Question Mark
Aku ingin dapat bercerita semua hal denganmu
[Tapi aku ragu...]
Aku ingin selalu bersamamu
[Betulkah kamu yg diinginkan hatiku...?]
Aku ingin menyentuhmu
[Kenapa tanganku berhenti terulur...?]
Aku ingin memelukmu
[Oh Tuhan...benarkah dia untukku...??]
Aku ingin mendekapmu
[Aku hanya dapat memandangmu...dan setelahnya berlalu...]
Aku inginkan hatimu hanya untukku
[...Tidak yakin pada perasaanmu...]
*Aku inginkan seseorang yg dapat memahami isi hatiku*
:iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 1 2
Aku Mau Berhibernasi
Alkisah, ada sebuah keluarga beruang yang terdiri dari bapak beruang, induk beruang, dan dua anaknya, yang tinggal di kaki sebuah pegunungan. Seringkali teman-teman mereka menjuluki keluarga ini sebagai "A Little Happy Family" karena keakraban dan kebahagiaan yang selalu mereka tunjukkan, dan mereka hanya tersenyum sambil mengucapkan terima kasih saat kalimat pujian ini mereka terima. Bagi mereka, pangan yang tercukupi, punya tempat yang nyaman untuk berlindung, dan anak-anak yang penurut dan sehat, adalah kebahagiaan besar yang sudah sepatutnya dinikmati dan disyukuri.
Walaupun begitu, bukan berarti keluarga ini terbebas dari kesulitan. Masalah mulai muncul saat kedua orang tua beruang ini menyadari bahwa akhir-akhir ini anak beruang yang lebih besar sedang mengalami masa pubertas, layaknya remaja manusia. Ia menjadi mudah marah dan memberontak. Kata-kata yang dilontarkannya pun menjadi sulit dimengerti oleh orang tuanya. Kadang kala sang ayah kehilangan kesabaran dalam menghadapinya,
:iconulieazhar:ulieazhar 2 2

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Ulie Azhar
Current Residence: Jakarta, Palembang
Favourite genre of music: Depend on mood ^_^
Favourite photographer: igngrez, widjita, themozzie, andikapatrya.. Wew, nambah yakk?? :rofl:
MP3 player of choice: I hate to remember my stuff when I lost it :(
Favourite cartoon character: Donald Duck
Personal Quote: It's me! So what??
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Bandung, 5:42 am, and still awake *sigh*

After do my :pray:, here I am, sitting in front of my laptop again. Submit a new literature, :+devwatch: some new friends, and then remember that I haven't update my friend's list. D'oohhh... :fork:

First of all, let me introduce you with one of my blogger friend, my fighting partner, and also my spammer-guy, who has dropped me to DA :rofl:
Ladies and gents, pleaseeee welcomeeeeee :iconthemozzie: and :iconsikuruskering:..!!!  :mwahaha:
*Hey, tell me guys, is this an award event?? :drool:*

This one is my brother, my partner in crime, my support friend, and also my soulmate. Next, he will be my teacher too, I've already assigned him as my master :rofl:
I won't be this tough if I don't have :icongalapagoz: to hear me cry lately. Love you, Cumi! :hug:

Next step is introduce you with some peoples that crazy enough to called me "Mommy" :rofl:
Please say hello to my sons and daughters at the DA community! :clap::mwahaha:
:iconmeidy89:, :iconandikapatrya:, :iconkutuubocah:, :icontanpaketerangan:, :iconcandraalau:, :iconremokharisma:, :iconarycur:, :iconmepmeppiiy:, :iconbibipecel:, :iconbrigittart:, and :iconyudiari:

This part is for my nephews and niece. To be honest, another crazy peoples too :rofl:
:iconakuiblis:, his beibh :iconladynathz:, :icontokelapunye:, and please say hi to new kid on the gank: :iconxxecchangraphy: :clap::clap:

All of you, from top until this part, have made my life really colourful :giggle: I love you all! :hug:

Hey, is it too much if I called :iconninja-star-27: as one of my nicest friend at DA? :hug:

O yeah, and don't forget my new favourite photographer!
I love :iconigngrez:'s artwork so much! Hi Ci.. :wave:
Not only that, she's also a nice person :glomp: :hug:
Fyi, I always love nice persons :giggle:

Last but not least, here are my friends whom I :+devwatch: their gallery at DA community. Please come and visit them too, they're really awesome! :love:
:iconadham-el-sharqawi:, :iconaitsanika:, :iconandora:, :iconandoridori:, :iconapipro:, :iconarnoldpasaribu:, :iconarya-dwipangga:, :iconarya-poenya-stock:, :iconaufarajah:, :iconbasabasi:, :iconbenchbeni:, :iconbhobie123:, :iconbobsiregar:, :iconcaeszer:, :iconchoiseull:, :iconcrymaker99:, :icondantemonkey:, :iconde-potsmokers:, :icondhidotz:, :iconeleanorah:, :iconeluchano:, :icong1l4ng:, :icongirlfromheaven:, :icongodinc:, :icongwenavhyeuranastasia:, :iconilayda-arts:, :iconimayie:, :iconjogjaphotoart:, :iconjohnnyhatecupcakes:, :iconkeep-on-goin:, :iconkitti-restart:, :iconkluke:, :iconkutze:, :iconl2design:, :iconleoniebird:, :iconlukegoesdeviantart:, :iconlullacrie:,:iconlordlouthv:, :iconlynne-abley-burton:, :iconm0nyet:, :iconmalasphotography:, :iconmangmoty:, :iconmartabakrull:, :iconmondaye-magz:, :iconmuloyoung85:, :iconoelatboeloe:, :iconosgoodtr:, :iconphig:, :iconmeganbreukelman:, :iconphutugenique:, :iconrickrock21:, :iconsemuatentangaku:, :iconsevenpuppies:, :iconshiniyami1985:, :iconsourcow:, :iconswadesi:, :icontheart0fme:, :icontintin55:, :icontrytobeanart:, :iconulus1310:, and :iconwidjita:

New friends.. lots of new friends! Yihaaaa... I :heart: it! :love: :clap:

Hm, I 'm just thinking.. Maybe I should say many thanks to :iconthemozzie: for kicked me here :rofl:

Wew, I think I better :sprint: before :iconthemozzie: throws something to me :sprint:



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